Death of an Addict review


Goodreads: Former drug addict Tommy Jarret rents a Scottish chalet to check out reports of a sea monster. But when he is found dead of an apparent drug overdose, constable Hamish Macbeth suspects foul play. Teaming with Glasgow Detective Inspector Olivia Chater, Macbeth goes undercover and dives into the underworld to root out a cartel secretly entrenched in the Highlands. 

I have to say, this isn’t one of my favorites.  Macbeth as an undercover drug dealer doesn’t float my boat.  I don’t like seeing him in that light – he should be the lovable, quirky Hamish dealing with murders not boring things like drugs.

The death of Jarret has a little part in the storyline – and he wasn’t there to see the sea monster as the above blurb indicates.  He was there to write a book about drug dealers.  Even the sea monster plays second fiddle to the drug kingpin.

But anyway, Hamish seemed out of his element and clunky in this 15th book of the series.  The writing is good and I still love Hamish – will definitely read the next book in the series – but books on the drug scenes aren’t my cup of tea.  I prefer the quiet, civilized world of murder over the sleazy, indulgent world of drugs.

At least his old love, Patricia, was barely mentioned in the book.  Still, I give this one a C+ – the plus because it is Hamish.  🙂


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