A Highland Christmas review


Goodreads: In dark Lochdubh highlands, holiday spirit is absent – no pudding, carols, or whisky. Constable Hamish spells romance to new teacher Maisie. Lonely student Morag Anderson has minister father who abhors celebrations. Lonely Mrs Alice Gallagher loses cat Smoky. What else does she fear? In nearby Cnothan, thieves steal a tree and lights. Hamish will fix Xmas. 

This was a nice little novelette about Christmas in the Highlands.  Hamish does not have a murder to solve – no, he has the much bigger job of fixing Christmas for a bunch of people who consider the holiday a blot on Christendom.

There are minor problems – like the missing cat and the lonely child – and much bigger ones involving the theft of a Christmas tree & lights.  Hamish has his hands full but he takes it all in stride.

A nice little story to keep me occupied in my ticket booth, I give this an A for fun and entertainment.  It went quickly and I could almost smell the pine needles in the air.  🙂


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