Death of a Dustman review


Goodreads: Dustman Fergus Macleod, abusive drunk, collects Lochdubh (Lok-doo) trash under Councillor Mrs Freda Fleming, TV star wannabe publicizing ‘green’ model village. Everyone laughs at his new uniform. The bully swears revenge and ends up dead in a wheelie bin. Can Sgt Hamish Macbeth solve murders, hide blackmail, and save lazy gourmet cook Constable from wedding new widow? 

So what, you may ask, is a “dustman”? Yes, a garbage collector.  Who would have thunk it?

Hamish has a murder to solve when Fergus goes and gets himself murdered.  People in town find him a bully as he takes his revenge on them for various imagined infractions, by not picking up their garbage.

Everyone seems to have a reason for wanting the man dead and most of them have a secret of some kind that they are keeping from Hamish, much to his dismay.  So many suspects.  Than another murder happens leaving Hamish totally confused about who could have done such a thing.

This book seemed to have a lot of running around talking to the same people over and over until I would gladly have killed half the town.  It was slower than any in the series thus far – it was harder to stay interested in the killings or even the grand landscape.

Blair is his obnoxious self – I found myself hoping he would be tossed from the police force because I don’t like his character in the story – but I guess there has to be one of those people.

Anyway, for the headache it gave me, I give the book a B-.


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