Death of a Celebrity review


Goodreads: Murder on the Telly Lochdubh, a remote village reached only by a one-track lane, nestles serenely amid Scotland’s hills…until well-known TV reporter Crystal French races into town in her bright BMW. And Constable Hamish Macbeth, dourly wed to duty instead of the fiancee who dumped him, promptly gives her a summons for reckless driving. Outraged, Crystal makes Macbeth’s life a misery with a TV report on policing in the Highlands. When she also rakes up old local scandals for her new hit show, Macbeth notes that someone besides himself might be dead keen to stop her. Then someone does-with stealth and violence. Now, finding out who did it will lead the laconic Macbeth down roads he never envisioned, into a dark story of passion and vengeance…and perhaps a crisis of the heart all his own.

Ah, Hamish – such a fascinating copper who finds himself attracted to all the eligible ladies, yet almost always goes to bed alone.  Beaton makes him sound so romantic but at the same time, female readers realize he’d be hell to live with in real life.  Set in his ways, he hates change and is always a day late and a dollar short in love.

This story has it all – murder, suicide, attempted suicide, attempted murder – you begin to believe no one is safe…and you’d be correct.  Loved the descriptions – even of the victim who is using her beauty and sex appeal to sleep her way up the ladder, though felt she was a bit of a stereo-type.  Though she isn’t in it much before she dies, the reader still feels a sense of satisfaction and justice that she does because she is everything we love to despise.

Hamish could “envision” passion and vengeance…this was his 18+ murder for crying out loud. But whatever.  This story is fast moving with many little twists.  The author gave Blair a break and put in another detective who actually got along with Hamish better than any detectives before.  That was a bit refreshing.

Hamish has a lively time solving the murder and romancing the different characters.  His style makes me always look forward to the next book which I will probably read tomorrow if I get the chance.

Gave the book an A for how intriguing it was and also that it was a refreshing 180 pages.  🙂  More of Hamish is always a good thing.


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