Death of a Village review


Goodreads: Trouble is afoot in a Scottish fishing village as Constable Macbeth finds the pub empty, the church full, and the air permeated with fear. With the help of a journalist, Macbeth begins to ferret out the truth. 

What is the truth – that my life is so pathetic that I read one Macbeth book after another trying to prolong my voyage into this policeman’s life – or that the writer is go good that she traps me into reading one after another with her descriptions, lovely little villages, and a policeman who’s like none other? I lean toward the latter but maybe I’m just fooling myself.

This village changes from a bustling place where residents are all but rude to the visitors – to a village that won’t speak to a soul and goes to church every day of the week.  What is up with that? Hamish realizes right away that something very queer is going on but it takes him a while to get down to the truth.

But is that the only mystery? What about residents dying at a retirement home in another town? Or a bar owner whose bar is broken into? How many people will die? Will Hamish sleep with the lovely reporter at long last or will he continue to be celibate? Just what is going on out there?

Loved the descriptions of the cliffs and caves – it is a nice addition to the landscaping of previous books.

The book goes through so many different mysteries yet flows like Hershey’s chocolate syrup over a creamy mound of ice cream.  Really was sad to see this one end.  I give it an A+ and look forward to the next one.  Reading the books so closely together, I can see how M.C. Beaton has improved and grown along with the glorious Hamish Macbeth.  🙂


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