Death of a Bore review


Goodreads: Minor writer John Heppel has a problem–he’s a consummate bore. When he’s found dead in his cottage, there are plenty of suspects. But surely boredom shouldn’t be cause for murder, or so thinks Constable Hamish Macbeth.

Rather interesting little tale but not one of my favorites.  Hamish is dandy but the story was a trifle “eh”.  Hamish has a murder to solve – that of the pseudo writer who seems to fancy himself a popular writer.  He bores the entire village to death and someone finally plugs him but good.

Elspeth makes a come-back and one has to wonder if her and Hamish will have a thing but, alas, the copper remains celibate.  The author has some notion that Hamish and Priscilla belong together which I disagree 100% with.  I have never liked Priscilla and don’t see how their relationship could ever work without a major overhaul to her character.  Why would Hamish want a cold fish like her when he could have myriads of other women? She acts so superior all the time – which, yes, that is the author’s fault but it leaves very little to like about the character.

The book was decent and moved along relatively quickly but seemed to lack something.  I give it a B+ for scenery and the like.

Pretty sure it is past my bedtime.



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