Death of a Dreamer review


Goodreads: The rugged landscape of Scotland attracts dreamers who move north, wrapped in fantasies of enjoying the simple life. They usually don’t last, but it looks as if Effie Garrard has come to stay. When Constable Hamish Macbeth calls on her, he’s amazed that she weathered the difficult winter. But Effie is quite delusional, imagining that she’s engaged to local artist Jock Fleming. Later, Effie is found in the mountains, poisoned by hemlock.

OK, I’m fairly certain that Effie was poisoned by anti-freeze, not hemlock.  Not sure why the summaries get it wrong – unless, of course, hemlock is Scottish for anti-freeze.  But whatever.

Effie is one not playing with a full deck and imagines that Jock is head over heels in love with her – though from the very beginning he tries to avoid her.  She is pushy, stalking, and quite delusional.  You almost feel sorry for Jock…almost.

Hamish has a lot of woman problems himself for there is a plethora of them vying for his attention.  Gossip goes around having him attached to each of the women in some way or another, leaving Hamish ready to swear off women altogether.  Yeah, like he ever would.

Have to say, I guessed the murderer the moment they appeared in the book.  It didn’t take away from the storyline but the motive was hard to comprehend.  You will have to read it to see what I mean.

Great story – well worth the time.  There were a few things that I thought was a bit slow.  Love the personalities of Hamish’s cat and dog.  Splendid! I give the book an A.


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