Death of Yesterday review


Goodreads: Scottish Highland Sergeant Hamish Macbeth disbelieves summer student Morag – she lost memories of her pub night and sketchbook – until she turns up dead. As does witness, layabout Fergus. In Cnothan, “sour locals” take “pride in keeping themselves to themselves”, to keep their jobs at the Gilchrist dress factory. In past amorous attentions and police politics lie answers.

Ah Hamish, you can be so daft sometimes but I enjoy you anyway.  Pretty much, it seems, most murders have to do with money – that is why they always say “follow the money” in crime dramas.  Yes, sex and jealousy pay a part sometimes too but most always it is about greed of some kind or another.

Who could poor Morag have drawn that wanted her dead? Who was the face in the window? Who is Morag?

Hamish has his hands full as he takes on the various murders – there are far more than listed in the description of the book above.  Someone is going on a murder spree but to what end?

And what about Hamish’s love life? Will we ever see him find someone for real? Obviously Dick makes a good house husband, but he isn’t that great of a policeman though he is credited with saving Hamish’s life several times.  But how long can it last? And just what mischief is Blair up to? That man should have been fired ten books ago.  🙂

Well, I am not going to give you the answers so you best pick up a copy of the book for yourself.  I give it an A.


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