The Vicious Vet reveiw


Goodreads: Feisty Agatha Raisin, former London PR exec, retired to quiet Cotswold village. Handsome vet Paul Bladen accidentally kills himself while attending Lord Pendlebury’s horse. Agatha and attractive neighbor James Lacey investigate the curious lack of sorrow shown by his divorced wife while a killer plans another “accident”.

Well, the second in the series is done after a very long time waiting for access to it.  Had to reserve it in both book and ebook format in hopes of getting it sometime soon.  The book won out.  I have the third book in ebook format so will read that in the next week or so.

I liked Agatha better in this story but she is no Hamish Macbeth, that is for sure.  I guess I can kind of relate to her because she is my age and I do like that part.  Rather tired of all these young detectives in the books nowadays.

The story moved along quickly enough – it took me about 3 1/2 hours to read.  I’m not sure why she doesn’t appeal to me as much as Hamish but assume I haven’t gotten into the series far enough yet to like it unreservedly.

How can Agatha be “thin” and “stout”?

Paul Bladen sounded like a horrible man with no real love for animals which is strange for someone who is a vet.  He was so greasy that I lose a trifle bit of respect for Agatha that she could be schmoozed by the likes of him.  She is just a middle-aged woman who fills her head with sexual fantasies over every good looking man she meets.  Kind of makes me take her less seriously.

Yes, I suppose that is the old fashioned woman coming out of me – but I didn’t like Hamish’s affairs either.  Cheapens the characters to me in some weird way.

Still, I give the book a B+.


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