Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist review

278555Goodreads: In this sixth delightful outing Agatha travels to the north of Cyprus, only to contend with her estranged fiance, an egregious group of truly terrible tourists, and a string of murders as scorching as the Greek sun.”

OK, I am taking a break from this series.  I didn’t like Agatha in this one at all.  Instead of endearing me to her, I found her unbearable.  All she did was complain, whine, pester and make a fool of herself.  It was difficult to get through.

I’m tired of her only reason for pursuing these murders is the chance to be near Lacey – who seems like a cold fish anyway.  He is always running away and Agatha can’t leave well enough alone.  This relationship has run its course – I hope the author moves on because the same old things book after book is getting old.

James goes abroad and Agatha has to go gallivanting around trying to find him in some inane hope of making him fall back in love with her.  I’ve never understood women who make a fool of themselves over a man who is obviously not interested.  Her jealousy and outbursts make me think she needs therapy and lots of it.

Perhaps it is just that I have read too many in a row but this one has virtually turned me off of the series.  Figure I will give it a month and then try the next one.  Have to read three more books to make my 2015 challenge so hope I can find something else to read in December.

I give this book a D.  I know that I am in the minority here – most people gave it four or five stars.


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