The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern review


Jim Qwilleran is not exactly overwhelmed by his new assignment for the Daily Fluxion. Interior design has never been one of his specialties and now he’s supposed to turn out an entire magazine on the subject every week! But the first issue of Gracious Abodes is barely off the presses when Qwilleran finds himself back on more familiar territory — the exclusive residence featured on the cover has been burglarized and the lady of the house found dead…now Qwilleran and Koko — the brilliant Siamese — have their respective moustache and whiskers twitching, and when Koko starts pawing clues in the dictionary and sniffing designer furniture, Qwilleran finds himself doing a feature on a very clever murder.

OK, this one I can say was entertaining and kept my interest for the most part.  I love the cats.  I thought it was a little plodding but my daughter-in-law assures me that once you get past the fifth or sixth book in the series it is so worth sticking with.  This is book two and I enjoyed it enough to get book three.  I still haven’t latched onto Qwilleran but I didn’t Hamish Macbeth right away either so I’m not too concerned.

The writing is fun, the plot predictable, and the cats make it all hilarious.  I didn’t realize how far behind I had gotten in my reviews – I have been going from one book to another with precious little time in between.  Kept saying to myself “I’ll write the review tomorrow” – well, after two months I guess it is finally tomorrow.

I don’t know why but I had this thought with the first book and again with the second – it is hard to fathom that this was written by a woman.  It is Qwilleran’s character, he is too perfectly male to be written by a woman.  LOL.

I give it a B+


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