Death Match review

39027Goodreads: When a perfect couple commits double suicide, alarms go off in the offices of the high-tech matchmaking company. Investigation into a second couple’s double suicide reveals a stunning labyrinth of artificial intelligence, creative genius, and a melding of technology that does indeed deliver on the company’s guarantee of a perfect, lifelong mate.

What can I say – I think I read this a few years ago but couldn’t remember so read it again.  It was alright – predictable in every way.  Still, it was well written and a decent book.

I know there are people who love reading all the technical stuff but I am not one of them – I could have done without the history lesson in AI technology.  I also don’t believe the methodology was all that exciting but whatever.

It reminded me of an X-File episode.  I give it a B+.  I liked the characters for the most part which made the book a breeze to read.  I know that isn’t much of a review but it would be very hard for me to discuss the book any deeper without revealing spoilers.


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