Books I’ve Read


1st To die ~ James Patterson

2nd Chance ~ James Patterson

3rd Degree~ James Patterson

4th of July ~ James Patterson

77 Shadow Street ~ Dean Koontz


A Ghost STory ~ Keith Latch

A Necessary Evil ~ Alex Kava

A Random Act ~ Cindi Broaddus

A Walk To Remember ~ Nicholas Sparks

A Whole New Light ~ Sandra Brown

Airframe ~ Michael Crichton

All Hallows Eve ~ Vivian Vande Velde

Along Came a Spider ~ James Patterson

Amozonia ~ James Rollins

Apprentice ~ Tess Gerritsen

At First Sight ~ Nicholas Sparks

At Home on Ladybug Farm ~ Donna Ball

At Risk ~ Patricia Cornwell

At the Stroke of Madness ~ Alex Kava


Bad Blood ~ John Sanford

Bad Place ~ Dean Koontz

Bad Season ~ Dennis Latham

Bag of Bones ~ Stephen King

Be Buried in the Rain ~ Barbara Michaels

Beach House ~ James Patterson

Beast ~ Peter Benchley

Beastchild ~ Dean Koontz

Bend in the Road ~ Nicholas Sparks

Beware ~ Richard Laymon

Big, Bad Wolf ~ James Patterson

Black Creek Crossing ~ John Saul

Black Friday ~ James Patterson

Black House ~ Stephen King

Black Lightning ~ John Saul

Black Rainbow – Barbara Michaels

Black Water ~ Jefferson T Parker

Blackstone Chronicles ~ John Saul

Blood Lure ~ Navada Barr

Blood Ties ~ Kay Hooper

Bloodstream ~ Tess Gerritsen

Blind Descent ~ Navada Barr

Bloodstone ~ Nathaniel Kenyon

Blue Death ~ Lillian O’Donnell

Body Double ~ Tess Gerritsen

Bone Garden ~ Tess Gerritsen

Bones to Ashes ~ Kathy Reichs

Borderline ~Navada Barr

Brain Child ~ John Saul

Breathless ~ Dean Koontz

Brimstone ~ Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Broken Prey ~ John Sandford

Brother Odd – Dean Koontz

Buried Prey ~ John Sandford

By the Light of the Moon ~ Dean Koontz


Cabinet of Curiosities ~ Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Call of the Wild ~ Jack London

Carrie – Stephen King

Case of Need – Michael Crichton

Casket for Sale (only used once) ~ Jeff Strand

Castaways ~ Brian Keene

Cat & Mouse ~ James Patterson

Cater Street Hangman ~ Anne Perry

Cell ~ Stephen King

Cellar ~ Richard Laymon

Cemetery Dance ~ Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Certain Prey ~ John Sandford

Children of the Storm ~ Dean Koontz

Chosen Prey ~ John Sandford

Christine ~ Stephen King

City of Bones ~ Michael Connelly

City of Night ~ Dean Koontz

Clickers ~ Brian Keene, J.F. Gonzalez

Clickers2 ~ Brian Keene, J>F> Gonzalez

Client ~ John Grisham

Cold Day for Murder ~ Dana Stabenow

Cold Fire ~ Dean Koontz

Cold Room ~ JT Ellisson

Cold Vengence ~ Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Congo ~ Michael Crichton

Corner of His Eye ~ Dean Koontz

Cradle and All ~ James Patterson

Crazy Sexy Diet ~ Kris Carr

Creature ~ Peter Benchley

Creature ~ John Saul

Creepers ~ David Morrell

Crush ~ Sandra Brown

Cry for the Strangers ~ John Saul


Dance and the Devil ~ Dean Koontz

Dark Half ~ Stephen King

Dark Matter ~ Peter Straub

Dark Mountain ~ Richard Laymon

Dark of the Moon ~ John Sandford

Dark of the Woods ~ Dean Koontz

Dark Rivers of the Heart ~ Dean Koontz

Darkest Evening of the Year ~ Dean Koontz

Darkfall ~ Dean Koontz

Darkness ~ John Saul

Darkness in My Soul ~ Dean Koontz

Darkness on the Edge of Town – Brian Keene

Darkness Under the Sun ~ Dean Koontz

Dead & Alive ~ Dean Koontz

Dead Aim ~ Iris Johansen

Dead by Midnight ~ Beverly Barton

Dead Path ~ Stephen Irwin

Dead Zone ~ Stephen King

Dead Wrong ~ JA Jance

Deadly Night – Heather Graham

Death Dance ~ Linda Fairstein

Death Match ~ Lincoln Child

Deep ~ Peter Benchley

Deep Six ~ Clive Cussler

Deep Storm ~ Lincoln Child

Deeper ~ Jeff Long

Deeper Than the Dead ~ Tami Hoag

Demon Child ~ Dean Koontz

Demon Seed ~ Dean Koontz

Denning Swamp – John Gaffield

Descent ~ Jeff Long

Desperation ~ Stephen King

Devil’s Code ~ John Sandford

Devil’s Labyrinth ~ John Saul

Dispatch ~ Bentley Little

Dolores Claiborne ~ Stephen King

Don’t Blink ~ James Patterson

Door to December ~ Dean Koontz

Double Cross ~ James Patterson

Dragon Tears ~ Dean Koontz

Dreamcatcher ~ Stephen King

Duma Key ~ Stephen King

Dweller ~ Jeff Strand

Dying to Please ~ Sandra Brown


Earthbound ~ Richard Matheson

Easy Prey ~ John Sandford

Eaters of the Dead ~ Michael Crichton

Echo Man ~ Richard Montanari

Echo Park ~ Michael Connelly

Envy ~ Sandra Brown

Everything’s Eventual ~ Stephen King

Evil Inside ~ Heather Graham

Excavation ~ James Rollins

Exposed ~ Alex Kava

Exposure ~ Brandilyn Collins

Eyes of Darkness ~ Dean Koontz

Eyes of the Dragon ~ Stephen King

Eyes of Prey ~ John Sandford


Face ~ Dean Koontz

Face of Fear ~ Dean Koontz

Face ~ Dean Koontz

Faces of Fear ~ John Saul

Fallen ~ Jefferson T Parker

False Memory ~ Dean Koontz

Fear Nothing ~ Dean Koontz

Fear that Man ~ Dean Koontz

Fireflies ~ David Morrell

Firefly Rain ~ Richard Dansky

Firestarter ~ Stephen King

Firestorm ~ Navada Barr

Flashback ~ Navada Barr

Flesh & Bone ~ Jefferson Bass

Forever Odd ~ Dean Koontz

Four Blind Mice ~ James Patterson

Four Past Midnight ~ Stephen King

Frankenstein ~ Dean Koontz

Frankenstein: City of Night ~ Dean Koontz

Freaks ~ Tess Gerritsen

From the Corner of His Eye ~ Dean Koontz

Funhouse ~ Dean Koontz

Funland ~ Richard Laymon


Gathering of Crows ~ Brian Keene

Gaurdian ~ John Saul

Gerald’s Game ~ Stephen King

Ghost Bride ~ Cheri Chesley

Ghost Story ~ Peter Straub

Ghost Story ~ Keith Latch

Ghosts of Varner Creek ~ Michael Weems

Ghoul ~ Brian Keene

Gidean’s Sword ~ Lincoln Child

Girl Missing ~ Tess Gerritsen

Girl of the Sea of Cortez ~ Peter Benchley

Girl Who Stopped Swimming – Joshilyn Jackson

God Project ~ John Saul

Golem ~ Edward Lee

Gone ~ Jonathon Kellerman

Graverobbers Wanted ~ Jeff Strand

Gravity ~ Navada Barr

Gravity ~ Tess Gerritsen

Grey ~ Ian MacKenzie Jeffers


Hannibal ~ Thomas Harris

Hard Truth ~ Navada Barr

Harry Bosch Novels ~ Micahel Connelly

Harvest ~ Tess Gerritsen

Haunted ~ Bentley Little

Haunted Bookshop ~ Christopher Morley

Haunting of Hill House ~ Shirley Jackson

Heart-Shaped Box ~ Joe Hill

Heat Lightning ~ John Sandford

Hell House ~ Richard Matheson

Hellfire ~ John Saul

Help ~ Kathryn Sackett

Here I stay ~ Barbara Michaels

Hide ~ Lisa Gardner

Hide & Seek ~ James Patterson

Hideaway ~ Dean Koontz

High Country ~ Navada Barr

Hollow ~ Nora Roberts

Homing ~ John Saul

Honeymoon ~ James Patterson

Horns ~ Joe Hill

Hornet’s Nest ~ Patricia Cornwell

Hot Damn! ~ James Hall

House ~ Ted Dekker

House ~ Frank Peretti

House Next Door ~ Anne Rivers Siddons

House of Reckoning ~ John Saul

House of Thunder ~ Dean Koontz

Hungry Ocean ~ Linda Greenlaw

Hunting Season ~ Navada Barr

Husband ~ Dean Koontz

Hysteria ~ Eva Gale


Ice Cold ~ Tess Gerritsen

Ice Hunt ~ James Rollins

Ice Limit ~ Douglas Preson & Lincoln child

Ice Moon ~ Jan C Wagner

Iceberg ~ Clive Cussler

If I Stay ~ Gayle Forman

In Cold Blood ~ Truman Capote

In the Bleak Midwinter ~ Julia Spencer-Fleming

In the Dark of the Night ~ John Saul

Insomnia ~ Stephen King

Intensity ~ Dean Koontz

Into the Wild ~ Jon Krakauer

Invasion ~ Dean Koontz

Invisible Prety ~ John Sandford

Iron Lace ~ Emilie Richards

Island ~ Richard Laymon

It ~ Stephen King


Jack & Jill ~ James Patterson

Jaws ~ Peter Benchley

Jester ~ James Patterson

Judge & Jury ~ James Patterson

Jurassic Park ~ Michael Crichton

Just After Sunset ~ Stephen King


Keepsake ~ Tess Gerritsen

Key to Midnight ~ Dean Koontz

Kill and Tell ~ Linda Howard

Killer Dreams ~ Iris Johansen

Killing Hour ~ Lisa Gardner

Killing Night ~ Jonathon King

Killing Time ~ Linda Howard

Kindred ~ Octavia E Butler

Kiss the Girls ~ James Patterson


Lake House ~ James Patterson

Lake ~ Richard Laymon

Lantern ~ Deborah Lawrenson

Last Breath ~ George Shuman

Last Good Night ~ Emily Listfield

Life Expectancy ~ Dean Koontz

Lifeguard ~ James Patterson

Life Support ~ Tess Gerritsen

Lightning ~ Dean Koontz

Lightning ~ John Saul

Lisey’s Story ~ Stephen King

Lobster Chronicles ~ Linda Greenalw

Locked Doors ~ Blake Crouch

London Bridges ~ James Patterson

Lone Wolf ~ Jodi Picoult

Loop ~ Nicholas Evans

Lost Goddess ~ Tom Knox

Lost World ~ Michael Crichton

Lucky One ~ Nicholas Sparks


Man Called Peter ~ Catherine Marshall

Man in the Picture ~ Susan Hill

Mandibles ~ Jeff Strand

Manhattan Hunt Club ~ John Saul

Mary, Mary ~ James Patterson

Mask ~ Dean Koontz

Message in a Bottle ~Nicholas Sparks

Midnight ~ Dean Koontz

Midnight Club ~ James Patterson

Midnight in Death ~ J.D. Robb

Midnight Theater ~ Greg Chapman

Mile 81 ~ Stephen King

Mind Prey ~ John Sandford

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children ~ Ransom Riggs

Mockingjay ~ Suzanne Collins

Monster Calls ~ Patrick Ness

Moonlit Mind ~ Dean Koontz

Mortal Prey ~ John Sandford

Mountain Between Us ~ Charles Martin

Mr. Murder ~ Dean Koontz

My Soul to Lose ~ Rachel Vincent

Mystery ~ Peter Straub


Naked ~ David Sedaris

Naked Prey ~ John Sandford

Nathaniel ~ John Saul

Necessary Evil ~ Alex Kava

Needful Things ~ Stephen King

Never Knowing ~ Chevy Stevens

Never Look Away ~ Linwood Barclay

Next ~ Michael Crichton

Night Chills ~ Dean Koontz

Night Crew ~ John Sandford

Night Killer ~ Beverly Connor

Night Prey ~ John Sandford

Night Shade ~ John Saul

Night Strangers ~ Chris Bohjalian

Nights in Rodanthe ~ Nicholas Sparks

Notebook ~ Nicholas Sparks

Now You See Her ~ Linda Howard


Odd Hours ~ Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas ~ Dean Koontz

One Door Away From Heaven ~ Dean Koontz

One Last Scream ~ Kevin O’Brien

Open Season ~ Linda Howard

Overnight ~ Ramsey Campbell


Perfect Evil ~ Alex Kava

Perfect Nightmare ~ John Saul

Pet Sematary ~ Stephen King

Phanton Prey ~ John Sandford

Phantoms ~ Dean Koontz

Play Dirty ~ Sandra Brown

Poet ~ Michael Connelly

Pop Goes the Weasel ~ James Patterson

Predator ~ Patricia Cornwell

Presence ~ John Saul

Presummed Guilty ~ Tess Gerritsen

Prey ~ Michael Crichton

Prodigal Son ~ Dean Koontz

Promise Me Eternity ~ Ian Fox

Psycho ~ Robert Bloch

Pumpkin Man ~ John Everson

Punish the Sinners ~ John Saul



R is for Richochet ~ Sue Grafton

Raise the Titanic! ~ Clive Cussler

Reach ~ Nate Kenyon

Reckoning ~ Kelley Armstrong

Relentless ~ Dean Koontz

Relic ~ Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Rescue ~ Nicholas Sparks

Resort ~ Bentley Little

Return ~ Bentley Little

Right Hand of Evil ~ John Saul

Riptide ~ Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Rising Tides ~ Emilie Richards

Roadwork ~ Stephen King

Rose Madder ~ Stephen King

Roses are Red ~ James Patterson

Ruins ~ Scott Smith

Rules of Prey ~ John Sandford

Rummies ~ Peter Benchley

Running Man ~ stephen King


Sacred Evil – Heather Graham

Safe Haven ~ Nicholas Sparks

Safe House ~ Nicci French

Sail ~ James Patterson

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer ~ James Patterson

Savage ~ Richard Laymon

Say Goodbye ~ Lisa Gardner

Scarecrow ~ Michael connelly

Search ~ Nora Roberts

Search for Peyton Place ~ Barbara Delinsky

Season of the Machete ~ James Patterson

Second Child ~ John Saul

Secret ~ Rhonda Bryne

Secret Prey ~ John Sandford

Secrets to the Grave ~ Tami Hoag

See How They Run ~ James Patterson

Seers ~ Heather Frost

Seize the Night ~ Dean Koontz

Servants of Twilight ~ Dean Koontz

She’s Come Undone ~ Wally Lamb

Shadow Prey ~ John Sandford

Shadowfires ~ Dean Koontz

Shadowing: Hunted ~ Adam Slater

Shadowing: Skinned ~ Adam Slater

Shadows ~ John Saul

Shark Trouble ~ Peter Benchley

Shattered ~ Dean Koontz

Shining ~ Stephen King

Shoot the Moon ~ Billie Letts

Silent Girl ~ Tess Gerritsen

Silent Killer ~ Beverly Barton

Silent Prey ~ John Sandford

Sinner ~ Tess Gerritsen

Sins of teh Wolf ~ Anne Perry

Siren’s Song – K Jackson

Skipping Christmas ~ John Grisham

Sleepwalk ~ John Saul

Smoke Jumper ~ Nicholas Evans

Snow ~ Ronald Malfi

Soft Comes the Dragons ~ Dean Koontz

Sole Survivor ~ Dean Koontz

Someone in the House ~ Barbara Michaels

Song of Susannah ~ Stephen King

Soul catcher ~ Alex Kava

Specimen 313 ~ Jeff Strand

Sphere ~ Michael Crichton

Spider Bones ~ Kathy Reichs

Split Second ~ Alex Kava

Split Second – David Baldacci

Stalked ~ Brian Freeman

Stealing Faces

Still Life with Crows ~ Douglas Preson & Lincoln Child

Still Missing ~ Chevy Stevens

Still Summer ~ Jacqueline Mitchard

Stir of Echoes ~ Richard Matheson

Store ~ Bentley Little

Storm of the Century ~ Stephen King

Storm Prey ~ John Sandford

Story of Us ~ Susan Wiggs

Strange Highways ~ Dean Koontz

Strangers ~ Dean Koontz

Subterranean ~ James Rollins

Sudden Prey ~ John Sandford

Suffer the Children ~ John Saul

Summoning ~ Kelley Armstrong

Superior Death ~ Navada Barr

Supernatural ~ David Golemon

Surgeon ~ Tess Gerritsen

Surrounded ~ Dean Koontz

Survivors Club ~ Lisa Gardner

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas ~ James Patterson


Taking ~ Dean Koontz

Tao of Pooh ~ Benjamin Hoff

Te of Piglet ~ Benjamin Hoff

Terminal Freeze ~ Lincoln Child

They ~ David Morrell

The Thing – John W Campbell

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself ~ Alan Alda

Thinner ~ Stephen King

This Girl Is Different ~ Jen Johnson

Thomas Berryman Number ~ James Patterson

Those Across the River ~ Christopher Buehiman

Three Blind Mice ~ James Patterson

Tick Tock ~ Dean Koontz

To the Nines ~ Janet Evanovich

Tommyknockers ~ Stephen King

Trick or Treat ~ Richie Tankersley Cusack

True Believer ~ Nicholas Sparks

True Blue ~ David Baladacci

True Evil ~ Greg Iles

Trunk Music ~ Michael Connelly

Twilight Eyes ~ Dean Koontz

Tyrannosaur Canyon ~ Douglas Preston


U is for Undertow ~ Sue Grafton

Ultimate Evil ~ Maurey Terry

Unwanted ~ John Saul

Utopia ~ Lincoln Child


Vanish ~ Tess Gerritsen

Vanishing ~ Ruth Ann Nordin

Various Haunts of Men ~ Susan Hill

Velocity ~ Dean Koontz

Victim Xis ~ Gregg Olsen

Violets are Blue ~ James Patterson

Vision ~ Dean Koontz

Voice of Night ~ Dean Koontz


Wait Till Helen Comes ~ Mary Downing Hahn

Waking Hours ~ Lis Wiehl

Walk to Remember ~ Nichoals Sparks

Walking ~ Bentley Little

Watchers ~ Dean Koontz

What the Night Knows ~ Dean Koontz

Wheel of Darkness ~ Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

When the Wind Blows ~ James Patterson

Whispers ~ Dean Koontz

White Shark ~ Peter Benchley

Wild ~ Cheryl Strayed

Wildwood Road ~ Christopher Golden

Willows ~ Algernon Blackwood

Winter Moon ~ Dean Koontz

Winter Prey ~ John Sandford

Winter Study ~ Navada Barr

Wolf Gift ~ Anne Rice

Wolf Hunt ~ Jeff Strand

Woman in Black ~ Susan Hill



Year on Ladybug Farm ~ Donna Ball

Your Heart Belongs To Me ~ Dean Koontz




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