Camp NaNoWriMo

Day One: Let’s follow along to see how well I do on good old Camp NaNoWriMo.  So far, day one is done with 1621 words.  As it is actually day two now, I will have to write more but I am too tired to go on now.  Will see how it goes later.

Day Two: I’m at 4124 words so far which sounds great – I’m ahead of the deadline by a couple hundred – but I look at it and already know some of it won’t make it past this first draft.  When I was writing it, it seemed pretty good but now reading it later, some of it is crap.  BUT, I won’t delete the crap until the end because it still qualifies as words written.  “Just get it on paper” is the rally cry of Camp NaNoWriMo.  Am in writing mode but have to stop to do a few other things (yeah, I know, bad idea) that must be done before my days off are over like house cleaning and laundry.  😦

Day Three: Haven’t had much sleep so can’t stop yawning but here it is day three already! I am on schedule for words at 5,158 so far.  I am happy with yesterdays work and have 600+ words written for today so making my projected 1600 isn’t going to be that hard. I am fast approaching a spot in the novel that I had trouble with on the outline but hopefully I will have enough momentum to see myself through it.  If need be, I will skip it and go back later but I hate doing that.  I did that with Yeti and it still hasn’t recovered so should avoid it if at all possible.

Day Four-Six:  Day four was a complete struggle – day five went really well with me exceeding my word limit for yesterday and today so here we are at day six and I haven’t written a thing because I only got 3 hours of sleep yesterday.  Had to catch up but even it was interrupted quite often and then I had a meeting at 3 pm.  Sigh.  I was hoping to write today to give myself extra breathing room.  Oh well, at least I’m not behind…yet and tomorrow is my day off.

Day Seven-Nine: I know I’m not keeping this up as I said I would but I have been writing my little heart out.  After almost falling behind on day seven, and then not writing at all on day eight, I rallied back on day nine – which is today.  I have been writing through the night – the sun is going to be coming up in less than an hour – and I am ready to head for bed for a bit.  I almost hate to because the words are flowing so well but I know I must.  I hope to get a lot more written later today but I also have more chores to complete – one of which is doing laundry.  I am meeting my son at 2 pm to get my new phone too so that will be fun.  The story is slowly moving along – I’m at 17,800 words at the moment which doesn’t sould like a lot but is going quite good as far as NaNo goes.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  I tried to take a nap earlier but the kittens kept jumping on me so that was a no-go.  I did get some cleaning done though so that is good.

Day Ten: I am officially two days ahead of schedule which is great.  I have to live on this high as long as I can because I know once the writing bug leaves me, I will once again be struggling to write more.  I stopped tonight right before a short rated G sex scene so will start there tomorrow.  I have to work tonight so am going to take a nap now.  Laundry is done so I feel like I’ve done a little bit other than writing.  Really haven’t done as much as the place needs but it will have to wait till after NaNo now.  According to my stats page, I will be done on the 25th of August if I keep up this pace.  I still have so much to put in the story that it should end closer to 60,000 words but I won’t worry about that as long as I get the 50,000 in.  🙂

Day Eleven thru Fourteen: I am still on track though barely.  I would like to get a head of the game instead of just making my minimums each day so will have to work harder on it today.  It isn’t horrible – not great but not horrible either.  I think my main characters could stand to be expanded on a bit more as could the location but I’m writing what flows – the rest will come later.  Haven’t been feeling all that well yesterday or so far today – sore throat and upset stomach.  I really need some sleep but so far it eludes me.   

Day Fifteen thru Seventeen: We are to the halfway point – well past it now and I am barely holding my own.  What came easy earlier is now like pulling teeth and I can’t help but worry that I’m not going to make it this time.  It took a huge effort to get in over 4,000 words today because I’d fallen behind but I managed it.  This puts me right at the minimum so I still have to come up with 2000 words for tomorrow.  It isn’t the story, necessarily, it is the urge to write and then, when I do write, not letting myself be too critical of my efforts.  I start thinking I’m turning out crap which then makes me not want to write again.  Not every word can be perfect – but I hate turning out stuff I can’t take pride in.  The story is dragging – my son always says when it starts dragging like this then it is time to kill another person off – I am working on doing just that.  My characters seem leadened to me and I hate that.  I also don’t want to rush the relationship between my two main characters or even the two sub-main characters but it is hard not to.  What do they do when they aren’t working on the mystery or sparring with each other? I don’t know.  It is frustrating.  I know it is the “halfway blues” which hit me every time I do NaNo – once I push through them, I’m fine but each time it seems a little harder to do so.  Work has been particularly stressful this month – my days off have been riddled with meetings so I’m not getting the free time to write that I expected. Add to that my two kittens/general headaches and you can maybe understand why I am having such difficulty. 

Day Eighteen thru to almost the end: OK it is almost over and I’m exhausted.  I have just over 3700 words left to go and those are pretty much written, I just have to type them in.  My new goal is to participate in all the NaNoWriMos they have which means June, August and November.  That would be three novels a year which would be quite awesome! I might not make them all but I should make some.  The rest of the months can be for research.  I really want to write a ghost story but how to do it without making it like all the others? I am watching a movie now called “Snow Beast” which kind of irks me because my Yeti story won’t be as fresh since this movie came out.  Anyway, I am thrilled to be almost done and thrilled to be able to take a breather.  I have another story I kind of want to write on as this one needs time to frement once NaNoWriMo is over.


One thought on “Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. I am translating and compiling fairly complicated medical texts, have done this for 30 years; and our standard is supposed to be 2500 words a day when deadlines are really tight. I mean it’s physically difficult to type all these words, unless one uses speech recognition software and edits these texts later. Well, and like I said, it’s complicated stuff with very uncommon and specialized terms. I used to write stories in my native language some 20-30 years ago, but I never went for quantity. I don’t understand at some point the need for speed when it comes to creation. I believe it’s good to keep the words coming and flowing and building a story, but other than that I cannot see how certain numbers of words are allowing one to achieve some depth, fresh dialogues, verbal scenes and multi-shaped characters with individual features. If you dictate these words, that might work.

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