What’s In Your Mailbox?

Here are the four books I bought today:

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So it is Monday again so time for the big reveal on what we are currently reading.  I just finished the book in the last post but couldn’t decide what book to start next, so I’m starting two:

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In my search to find new things to read, I thought I’d give old Agatha another try.  Find it so hard to believe that this is the same author who wrote the Hamish Macbeth series.  But maybe I need to get further into the series to appreciate the main character.

The other book promises to be “gripping” so that might be refreshing. 🙂

Waiting on Wednesday

It is Wednesday ~ I know, you are thinking “No duh, Kath, way to be Captain Obvious”.  My 38 year old son tells me that all the time though, obviously, you have to substitute “mom” in place of my name.

However, as it is Wednesday, I must reveal the books I am waiting on – the list is rather extensive so will only name a few:

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These are all books I’m waiting for from the library – they have been out for years but I’m just getting around to them on my Goodreads list.

My “preorder” list is smaller:

Death of an Honest Man  The Cat of the Baskervilles: A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery


What’s in your mailbox?

mailboxes mailbox

Well, it has been a while since I have done one of these so thought I’d make a quick note as to what I s in my mailbox and what I am reading.

just past midnight

Above is the book I am currently reading.  It is the story of a girl who is stalked from high school right up into her professional life.  Every time she gets close to a man, he ends up dead with no clues as to who the killer might be.  He always leaves something that could incriminate her in the crime but never enough to get her arrested.  It isn’t a bad story thus far and I do like Amanda Stevens.

The book I recently purchased was:

night garden

This will be my second Lisa Van Allen book so will see how it goes.  I don’t know what it is about really but will read it next.  I have a Lincoln Child book on preorder and Amanda Stevens is supposed to be releasing two Graveyard Queen series this year.




What’s In Your Mailbox?

mailboxes colorful

Yes, I know I have been absent for too long again.  I have to say, I haven’t had much time for reading these days.  My family just moved from Iowa to Florida so have been working to get settled in.  I did, however, buy a few new books this week so will post those here.  I know – so many books all at once but I had a store credit that took care of all these plus could buy a few more but am tired of shopping.  Anyone want to recommend something?

dollmaker midnight nearing home no river wedding bees wishing thread


Waiting on Wednesday

mermaid wednesday


What wonderful new stories are you aching to get your hands on this week? It seems we are always waiting for the next great novel.  While it would not be unheard of to have five to ten, I am actually only waiting on one so far:

Violet Eyes


B&N says:

Their bites are more than deadly…

The small town near the Everglades was supposed to offer Rachel and her son a fresh start. Instead it offered the start of a nightmare, when an unknown breed of flies migrated through the area, leaving painful bites in their wake. The media warned people to stay inside until the swarm passed. But the flies didn’t leave. And then the radios and TVs went silent.

That’s when the spiders came. Spiders that could spin a deadly web large enough to engulf an entire house overnight. Spiders that left stripped bones behind as they multiplied. Spiders that, like the flies, sought hungrily for tender flesh…through Violet Eyes.

Sounds like a good sci-fi made-for-tv movie.  🙂