Don’t be afraid of the dark – review

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Poster     Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Poster

When I saw the previews for the 2010 version of this movie, I knew I should know the story for I was sure I had seen something similar before.  The 1973 version (left) is the one I was thinking of – the one that I remember scaring me when I was 10 years old.

Unlike the 1973 version, the 2010 version is about a family who moves into the house and the creatures going after the child – rather than the original where a couple moves into the house and the creatures go after the wife.

I don’t like it when remakes change the storyline so drastically.  The 1973 version made sense – the creatures wanted a mother so if they pulled the woman into the vent, she would become one of them.  It was hard not to sympathize with creatures who just wanted a mother.

In the updated version – the creatures want children’s teeth to eat.  Why? Who knows? I suppose it is a delicacy for them that they only get once in a blue moon because it is dependent on a child being a resident of the house plus someone opening the vent where they live.  They also, apparently, grab adults who stick their heads in the opening.

What are these creatures? Why are they in the basement? What do they do with the bodies? How do they survive without children’s teeth to eat? These are all questions that go unanswered.  I have another major question but can’t ask it without giving away the story so guess it will have to be left as a great unknown.  Well, I can hint at it I guess.  Why do some people who get pulled into the vent become creatures while others don’t? I mean, consistency here would be nice, you know?

I did like the second version – Katie Holmes is quite good as the stepmother to the little girl.  Also, we get to see the little girl go from being a resentful, unhappy child to one who feels loved and secure – you might not like her at the beginning but by the middle/end, she is a sweetheart.

So yes, I have to rate the movie so I give it a solid B.    I’d like to see Katie do a few more serious roles – maybe she will once she dumps that loser of a husband she has.  😦


Ice Hunt pre-review

I am sorry to say that this book is very hard to get into.  Surely we will get to the actual ice station and monster at some point…won’t we? I don’t care about the politics that went into making the Grendal, I want to know what monster is on it and how soon is it going to start attacking people???  All this get to know the characters crap is boring – especially when half of them will probably die at some point.

I know, I know…write my own damn story if I think I can do better.

In the book they have found the Grendal but aren’t really doing much with the discovery yet.  A submarine full of military personnel from Germany is on its way to the ice station with orders to kill everyone who is in the vacinity because they want to keep their war secrets that are on the station.  The station was meant as a German military submarine station and what not back in the world war days.

Something terrible happened on the Grendal and it was abandoned.  Through the use of different sonars that they explain but I could care less about, the people in the research sub that finds Grendal can “see” dead bodies inside.  Then something moves so now they know there is something alive there.

The military has boarded the Grendal and disposed of the bodies but no one has seen whatever is alive down there yet.  As people rush towards the station, I expected bad things to happen to the boarding crew but so far nothing.  The military of different countries are working hard to kill the others headed that way in a volly to be the one to obtain ownership of it first.  Whatever.  The main male and female are still several hundred miles away and aren’t even aware yet that they are heading towards the Grendal.

I want more action – so far there hasn’t been that much.  The talk about governments and their corruption is an old story – we all know governments of every country are only out for themselves with very little regard for their own people.  I’d rather not read about it in my science-fiction book about monsters.  Sigh.

It’s Sunday, What’s in Your Mailbox?

I love this picture! Isn’t that kitten so damn adorable?

 (Crocodile Crossing) and  (Angry Birds) made it onto my Nook today.  I am pretty much done with Angry Birds Seasons so had to go for the next one.

I really wanted a book but it isn’t offered through Barnes and Noble yet – it is still only available in the UK.  Bummer.

The book I’m considering for purchase is:

I downloaded a sample of this and read it so was considering purchasing it now to finish it.  Can’t decide yet as there were other things I also wanted.  🙂

The two books I ended up buying are:


Happy Sunday, everyone!

The Rig

There is a huge hurricane in whatever ocean you want it to be and you have this huge oil rig right in its path.  Of course you evacuate non-essential personnel and leave a bare essential crew.  What you don’t know is that there are monsters on the rig – up from the depths where your rig has been drilling.

The non-essential personnel begin to die off, thanks to the creatures of doom.  It takes several deaths before the rest of the crew figure out what is going on – imagine that.  The creatures look a lot like the one in another show I have – can’t think of the title now.

Though the creatures are stabbed, burned and shot, they don’t die as they can regenerate almost immediately.  It never really tells you what they do with the bodies…maybe dump them into the water.

Anyway, you can guess who dies and who lives – though there is a small surprise with one of the characters.  Eventually the monsters die and only a couple people remain for the search party to pick up.  The owner goes back on the rig and kills the remaining creature.

You know, I was going to write this sarcastic post about how the people do all the stupid things that get people killed in movies like this…but I have to say, for a “B” horror movie, it was actually pretty good.  The people didn’t do all the stupid things – some of them did the smart thing though the end result was the same…they still died.   The ending was rather cheesy but that was alright.

Yes, it was a pleasant surprise that it wasn’t as crappy as I thought it would be.  A couple of the actors did overact a bit but overall, good acting, good action, good monster.

Who Goes There/The Thing

“Who Goes There?”: The novella that formed the basis of “The Thing” is the John W. Campbell classic about an antarctic research camp that discovers and thaws the ancient, frozen body of a crash-landed alien. The creature revives with terrifying results, shape-shifting to assume the exact form of animal and man, alike. Paranoia ensues as a band of frightened men work to discern friend from foe, and destroy the menace before it challenges all of humanity!

The last remake of The Thing with Kurt Russell followed the short story very well.  Far more people in the book ended up being monsters but overall the storyline was preserved.

Campbell does an excellent job with his descriptions and information about the Antarctic regions.  I felt cold sitting here reading it.  Yes, there were some areas I could not understand – scientific stuff that made little sense to me – but Campbell doesn’t overburden the story with it.

I would have liked a little more information on what the creature looked like in its natural form and how it could take over people.  The process seems to be quick in some but hours/days in others…why? Plus if it could imitate a person just through touch of flesh then how was it that some people touched the monster and didn’t turn while others did?

There aren’t “seven tales” in this book – just the one. so not sure about the title.

The bad is simply that the book isn’t long enough plus it doesn’t go into details about the humans vs the monster parts.  It says someone was found to be a monster and then that person is dead but goes into no detail about what caused the death other than the others in the group.

The one thing that wasn’t the same as the movie is that people survived.

The Shadowing: Hunted

At work last night I was bored so decided to read this book again.  It recently came out and I had it on preorder so it arrived on my Nook almost like a gift from the book fairies.  Goodreads description is:

Still Nothing…

I still can’t come up with a monster story idea – guess I’m going to have to start on the other story that has been brewing in my head the past couple months. Wish it was easy to get it down on paper but my fingers can’t type as fast as my brain goes nor does my voice recognition work well enough to use.

It doesn’t seem fair that not only can I not write one, I can’t find one to read either. I plan on buying three new ebooks when I get paid – I’ve been developing a “wish list” this month and am letting myself buy only three though I have several more I would like. The three I’m buying are:

Impact by Douglas Preston

Storm Prey by John Sandford

Fever Dreams by Preston and Child

Ok, I might also buy The Relic by Preston and Child too. I have it in paperback but somehow reading it on my ereader is more appealing – yes, that is right – I said it. Me, the person who was against digital books is now preferring them over paperbacks. Go figure.