Death of a Ghost review


Another Hamish Macbeth story. I enjoyed the story and following Hamish about again as he struggles to figure out the identity of the killer or killers. He is always a colorful character who tries to do what is right but has to dabble in the wrong now and then as well.

I found the ending rather vague – like a quick wrap up of information rather than storyline. But overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one in the series.

I give the book an A – it kind of covers old ground but still, it kept me reading till the end.


Death of Yesterday review


Goodreads: Scottish Highland Sergeant Hamish Macbeth disbelieves summer student Morag – she lost memories of her pub night and sketchbook – until she turns up dead. As does witness, layabout Fergus. In Cnothan, “sour locals” take “pride in keeping themselves to themselves”, to keep their jobs at the Gilchrist dress factory. In past amorous attentions and police politics lie answers.

Ah Hamish, you can be so daft sometimes but I enjoy you anyway.  Pretty much, it seems, most murders have to do with money – that is why they always say “follow the money” in crime dramas.  Yes, sex and jealousy pay a part sometimes too but most always it is about greed of some kind or another.

Who could poor Morag have drawn that wanted her dead? Who was the face in the window? Who is Morag?

Hamish has his hands full as he takes on the various murders – there are far more than listed in the description of the book above.  Someone is going on a murder spree but to what end?

And what about Hamish’s love life? Will we ever see him find someone for real? Obviously Dick makes a good house husband, but he isn’t that great of a policeman though he is credited with saving Hamish’s life several times.  But how long can it last? And just what mischief is Blair up to? That man should have been fired ten books ago.  🙂

Well, I am not going to give you the answers so you best pick up a copy of the book for yourself.  I give it an A.

Death of a Policeman review


Goodreads: Local police stations all over the Scottish Highlands are being threatened with closure. This presents the perfect opportunity for Detective Chief Inspector Blair, who would love nothing more than to get rid of Sergeant Hamish Macbeth. Blair suggests that Cyril Sessions, a keen young police officer, visit the town of Lochdubh to monitor exactly what Macbeth does every day. Macbeth hears about Blair’s plan and is prepared to insure that Cyril returns back to headquarters with a full report. But Cyril is soon found dead and Hamish quickly becomes the prime suspect in his murder.

Wow, it took me three days to read this one – just seemed to kind of drag a bit to me but also, I got busy and couldn’t get back to it.

Once again, Hamish does not become the prime suspect in the murder of Cyril.  He is with his constable the entire time and no one seemed to like the policeman anyway.

Yes, I am starting to get a bit burned out on this series – it had to happen sooner or later because I’ve been reading them one right after another.  In fact, I already have the next book read and will do a review of it tomorrow.  I am now one book away from having the series completed until the author writes the next one.  In truth, it will be nice to take a break from them.  Now I am obsessed with Hamish and wondering what happens next in his life – once I get to the end, I will be forced to wait so that will give me a chance to read other things.

Patricia and Elspeth both make an appearance in this one – try to guess which one he becomes engaged to for a hot second?  Poor Hamish, unlucky in love.  At least he has the nice constable Dick to do his cooking, cleaning and to take care of his pets.  🙂

I give the book a B+ – it is entertaining but I felt like it repeated itself a lot with Dick always being asleep in a patio chair, etc.


Goodreads: When Scotland is hit by recession, Police Constable Hamish Macbeth notices that the Highland people are forced to come up with inventive ways to lure tourists to their sleepy towns. The quaint village of Braikie doesn’t have much to offer, other than a place of rare beauty called Buchan’s Wood, which was bequeathed to the town. A savvy local tourist director renames the woods “The Fairy Glen,” and has brochures printed with a beautiful photograph of a kingfisher rising from a pond on the cover. It isn’t long before coach tours begin to arrive. But just as the town’s luck starts to turn, a kingfisher is found hanging from a branch in the woods with a noose around its neck. As a wave of vandalism threatens to ruin Braikie forever, the town turns to Hamish Macbeth. And when violence strikes again, the lawman’s investigation quickly turns from animal cruelty to murder.

Hmmm…the bird in this sounds lovely as does the Fairy Glen where fairies come out at night.  Of course, their fairies are nothing like the pretty little Thumbelina-type in Hollywood.  In Scottland, apparently, they are dwarf/drolls that come out at night.

But anyway, Hamish has his hands full with several murders – some quite inventive, though especially brutal.  I found it a little confusing at times but I’m sure that is because I was reading at work and kept getting interrupted.

The story seemed to jump around quite a bit but it was still entertaining and one has to like Hamish’s new constable.  I hope he doesn’t get demoted again – that bit is getting a bit old.

Still, have to love Hamish and all the innovative things he comes up with to solve murders but also to keep his police station alive.  I do find it a bit far-fetched how Blair keeps getting away with his little schemes to do away with Hamish yet never gets in trouble for it – even when he is caught.  Ridiculous.

But still, one has to have a nemesis, don’t they? Maybe Blair will retire and Jimmy can take his place.  I give the book an A and will have the next one reviewed tomorrow.  I’m almost through – have two more to go after the one I’m reading now.

Death of a Gentle Lady review


Goodreads: Gentle by name, gentle by nature. Everyone in the sleepy Scottish town of Lochdubh adores elderly Mrs. Gentle – everyone but Hamish Macbeth, that is. Hamish thinks the gentle lady is quite sly and vicious, and the citizens of Lochdubh think he is overly cranky. Perhaps it’s time for him to get married, they say.

But who has time for marriage when there’s a murder to be solved? When Mrs. Gentle dies under mysterious circumstances, the town is shocked and outraged. Chief Detective Inspector Blair suspects members of her family, but Hamish Macbeth thinks there’s more to the story, and begins investigating the truth behind this lady’s gentle exterior.

Well, poor Hamish really steps into this time round.  The poor man is surrounded by women who all think they know what is best for him.  How is he ever going to solve the murders if they don’t stop popping over unannounced making passes at him?

Blair, I’m afraid, is even more unpleasant than usual leaving one to wonder when he will ever get caught in all the terrible schemes he comes up with.  Poor, unobservant, poofed up Daviot turns a blind eye whenever Blair brings him flowers or chocolates – for Daviots wife, of course.  The woman has so many birthdays that she will be 100 by the 30th book.

I did notice one inconsistency.  Hamish takes his animals somewhere and then a couple pages over wonders why they didn’t react to something while he was gone – but they were with him.  But one who writes so many books can’t possibly be expected to keep everything perfect.  🙂

Full of danger and missteps, this book is indeed fast moving.  The killer is pretty easy to figure out but I enjoyed the story just the same.  One has to feel a bit sorry for the constable who can never get the girl – but we keep reading to see what chaos he leaves in his wake.

I give it an A for keeping me entertained in the sweltering 100 degree heat today.  Have to say, I am disappointed my library has the next one checked out for reading on my Nook – I was hoping to start it today too but nope, not going to happen.  😦  I will go see if it has it on the shelf tomorrow.

Death of a Snob review


Goodreads: Facing a head cold and lonely Xmas, Highland Sergeant Hamish Macbeth accepts a holiday invite from gorgeous Jane Wetherby to her Scottish island health farm, and to learn who wants her dead. Locals threaten, fellow guests little better. Everybody hates snobbish Heather, but the verdict is accident when her neck breaks at the bottom of a cliff.

Alright, I admit it, I just started this one thinking I would get a chapter in before bed.  Well, it was only 100 pages so once I was 30 pages in, I figured I might as well stay up and finish it.  I know, right? I need my sleep for a busy day at work tomorrow but stay up reading.  What is a girl to do?

So Hamish takes a vacation of sorts and the place sounds pretty enough but I missed having some of the old characters in the story.  I also will comment, just because it irritated me slightly, that whoever edited this book did not do a good job.  There were several typos throughout – some were confusing.  But it did little to take away from the story.

With several new characters to deal with, Hamish isn’t quite so laid back as is his usual practice when loafing around his own police station.  Have to say, I didn’t care much for any of them – talk about a bunch of snobby rich people.

The story went by very quickly leaving me to wistfully think of starting book seven.  However, it is almost midnight and work is going to be a bear tomorrow so I best head off to bed.  I think I’m going to read a Sue Grafton book next but haven’t decided – can’t keep reading Hamish or they will all start to run together.  I give this book a B+.  🙂