Merry Christmas Everyone

Dear Family and Friends –

Another year is coming to a close and I know we all have many blessings that we are counting. We are looking forward to what 2012 will bring to our families, friends, and the world as a whole.

The truth is, it will bring a lot of the same thing 2011 brought as we continue to plod along on the same path we did. Many of are in jobs they tolerate but few love their jobs and can’t wait to go to work come Monday morning.  That I do have a job I love is one of the blessings I am counting today. We have family and friends we stay in contact with – ones who care about us and who we care deeply for. There will be children’s games, school, homework, etc., for those who have school aged children – ballet, tap dancing, and other classes for those who have pre-school children. We will rotate the tires on our cars, buy groceries, watch tv, and continue on that way for the entire year. There is nothing wrong with this – it is called LIFE.

No matter how exciting or adventurous we want our lives to be, there will always be the regular mundane chores that must be done daily, weekly, and monthly. Tomorrow we could ski down a wickedly beautiful mountain, the next sit for three hours at a Laundromat doing laundry. There is no way around these mundane tasks – we all must do them…they are the substance our days are full of.

As with everything in life, there must be a balance or our lives are out of whack. This year I challenge each of you to dream larger, set goals higher, love more, give of yourself more, seek out new friends and reconnect with family that has grown distant over time. Life is bigger than all of us – it is also way too damn short so make yours amazing. If there is something you’ve been wanting to do but keep putting on the back burner – let 2012 be the year. Be unconventinal, break some rules, try something new…

We are a remarkable group of people – capable of fantastic things! Never sell yourself or your life short! Next year, let each of us do a Christmas letter that is so full of exciting things we’ve done, dreams we’ve realized, and new loves/friends we’ve met that we have to use both sides of the paper!

Merry Christmas! Love, K

(This was originally posted by me in 2009 but seems just as relevant today so figured I’d repost it)


Finally Friday

This is how I feel today – frazzled.  Love this picture!

Well, it is “finally Friday” my pets and the first holiday is history.  I read this morning on the internet that today makes the beginning of the official “countdown to Christmas”.   I thought it started a month or so ago but hey, whatever.  Some people start counting down to the next Christmas before New Year’s is past.

Once again I find myself unprepared for Christmas.  Why do I do this to myself every year? I don’t even start thinking about presents until December – should have started months ago.  But oh well – it is what it is.

I must confess, as Nano draws to a close I am getting rather tired of ghost stories – both reading and writing them.  So December is going to have less ghosts and more strangeness where books are concerned.  So the two books I hope to  start today or tonight are: