Full Wolf Moon review

32336166Goodreads: Logan travels to an isolated writers’ retreat deep in the Adirondacks to finally work on his book when the remote community is rocked by the grisly discovery of a dead hiker on Desolation Mountain. The body has been severely mauled, but the unusual savagery of the bite and claw marks call into question the initial suspicions of a wild bear attack. When Logan is asked to help investigate, he discovers no shortage of suspects capable of such an attack–and no shortage of locals willing to point the finger and spread incredible rumors. One rumor, too impossible to believe, has even the forest ranger believing in werewolves. As Logan gets to know the remote deep-woods landscape, including a respected woman scientist still struggling with the violent loss of her father in these very woods, Logan realizes he’s up against something he has never seen before.

I started this book this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. at work and finished it a few minutes ago.  It kept moving and kept me guessing as the body count kept piling up.  Child sends you so far into the deep woods that I was wondering if I’d need a compass to get back.  Definitely had me looking up to check my surroundings a couple of times.

The pages flew by and then I reached the end.  Believe me, I was disappointed to see it end.  One of Child’s best, I’d say although “Terminal Freeze” will always be one of my favorites.

This was a great turn for Logan – I hope Child stays more with this line of supernatural in his future books.  After his last one, I debated buying this one for fear I’d be disappointed – but I’m not unhappy with my purchase at all and can see myself re-reading it in the future.

I give the book an A+ – thanks Lincoln Child for great read!




The Forgotten Room review


Jeremy Logan is an “enigmalogist”—an investigator who specializes in analyzing phenomena that have no obvious explanation. In this newest novel Logan finds himself on the storied coastline of Newport, Rhode Island, where he has been retained by Lux, one of the oldest and most respected think tanks in America. Just days earlier, a series of frightening events took place in the sprawling seaside mansion that houses the organization. One of its most distinguished doctors began acting erratically—violently attacking an assistant in the mansion’s opulent library and, moments later, killing himself in a truly shocking fashion. Terrified by the incident and the bizarre evidence left behind, the group hires Logan to investigate—discreetly—what drove this erudite man to madness.

His work leads him to an unexpected find. In a long-dormant wing of the estate, Logan uncovers an ingeniously hidden secret room, concealed and apparently untouched for decades. The room is a time capsule, filled with eerie and obscure scientific equipment that points to a top secret project long thought destroyed, known only as “Project S.” Ultimately, the truth of what Project S was . . . and what has happened in that room . . . will put Logan in the path of a completely unexpected danger.

It has become my belief that when a description of the book is as long as the above – it is probably not one I should expect a lot out of.  When they use words like “shocking”, “terrified”, “bizarre” and “madness” – it is going to be a long, drawn out affair.

I had high hopes for this book which I preordered back in December.  Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child is one of my favorite monster stories and I had hoped for something amazing here.  I was disappointed.

The writing is good but the subject matter wasn’t all that interesting to me.  I found myself asking “who cares” more often than not.  If this kind of thing – electromagnetic stuff – is interesting to you than this is a book you will enjoy.  The author used some of this kind of thing in Terminal Freeze too so maybe it is a subject he enjoys.

It is not a bad book – I wish it had been more supernatural in plot but it is what it is.  Had I known more about it, I probably would have borrowed it from the library instead of buying it.  Guess it is just another one of those live and learn things.

Anyway, I give the book a C.

The Third Gate review

third gate

Goodreads: Under the direction of famed explorer Porter Stone, an archaeological team is secretly attempting to locate the tomb of an ancient pharaoh who was unlike any other in history. Stone believes he has found the burial chamber of King Narmer, the near mythical god- king who united upper and lower Egypt in 3200 B.C., and the archaeologist has reason to believe that the greatest prize of all—Narmer’s crown—might be buried with him. No crown of an Egyptian king has ever been discovered, and Narmer’s is the elusive “double” crown of the two Egypts, supposedly pos­sessed of awesome powers. 

The dig itself is located in one of the most forbidding places on earth—the Sudd, a nearly  impassable swamp in north­ern Sudan. Amid the nightmarish, disorienting tangle of mud and dead vegetation, a series of harrowing and inexpli­cable occurrences are causing people on the expedition to fear a centuries- old curse. With a monumental discovery in reach, Professor Jeremy Logan is brought onto the project to investigate. What he finds will raise new questions . . . and alarm. 

In the hands of master storyteller Lincoln Child, The Third Gate breaks new ground and introduces a fascinating new protagonist to the thriller world

Finished this book tonight.  I have decided to write the review now before it has time to percolate in my brain.  Why? Because I had a strong reaction to the ending so might as well go with that initial emotion.

OK, I thoroughly enjoyed the archaeological information in the book – liked how it was written and reasoned in terms anyone could understand rather than technical language that makes my head hurt.  I was a bit disappointed to find that the author had changed some dates and other factual information to enhance his book because then it makes me discard all that I thought I had learned about Egyptian history.  I liked the lead character though not many others.

To think places like the Sud actually exist in this world is amazing to me.  I guess it is so easy to go only by what a person sees on TV when thinking about the natural world – there is so much more! I found that whole area to be very interesting but not a place I would ever want to visit.

Bad things – the book took FOREVER to get moving.  I mean seriously, I was expecting more to do with the curse and more action – so that was disappointing to say the least.  Terminal Freeze seemed to be non-stop action so I guess I assumed this one would be too.  I had guessed the guts of the story by just over the halfway spot – there were other revelations that came but seemed incidental once you guess what is really going on with the tomb.

The book isn’t bad and I obviously liked it enough to get through it in about 24 hours but still, there was the lingering disappointment over the pace and lack of action.  I give the book a B-.

Thriller Thursday

thriller thursday moon


Well, it is another Thriller Thursday – folks have made it over hump day and are on the major countdown to the weekend.  It is also the day when we reveal what thriller we are currently reading.  I started one last night that I’ve had on the list for a while now.  So far it is intriguing and all if a bit slow.  I enjoy learning about archaeology so the book is informative as well.  I am a fan of Lincoln Child though the first book I read of his as a solo author, Terminal Freeze, so far is my favorite of his.  I’m over halfway through the book so expect a review tomorrow or Sunday as I’m out of town on Saturday.  🙂

third gate

Terminal Freeze revisited again

terminal freeze

Goodreads: Two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle lies Alaska’s Federal Wildlife Zone, one of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth. But for paleoecologist Evan Marshall and a small group of fellow scientists, an expedition to the Zone represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the effects of global warming. 

Everything about the expedition changes, however, with an astonishing find. On a routine exploration of a glacial ice cave, the group discovers an enormous ancient animal, encased in solid ice. The media conglomerate sponsoring their research immediately intervenes and arranges the ultimate spectacle—the creature will be cut from the ice, thawed, and revealed live on television. Despite dire warnings from the local Native American village, and the scientific concerns of Marshall and his team, the “docudrama” plows ahead . . . until the scientists make one more horrifying discovery. The beast is no regular specimen—it may be an ancient killing machine. And they may be premature in believing it dead.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite Lincoln Child book.  The action takes a little bit to get moving but the lead up is not boring.  The monster is gruesomely spectacular and the people aren’t as dumb as in some of the monster books.  It would make a great movie if it was done right.

I know I have many new books on my bookshelf to read but sometimes it is fun to go back and revisit a favorite.  This is an exciting sci-fi monster story – plus the information on ice trucking was terrifying all on its own.  You couldn’t pay me to ice truck.

A very quick read – I always finish it in one sitting because I become so engrossed with the story.  🙂

It’s Sunday, what is in your mailbox?

I know, you are wondering how I could possibly buy more books when I already have so many to read.  I am a book addict – someday they will make a BA – books anonymous.  Until then, I’m going to keep buying and hope that someday, when I’m published, that I run into a LOT of people like me who buy, buy, buy.

So without further adieu:


I won in an online contest:

And I was given:


Finally Friday

I just love this picture – isn’t the kitten so cute?

So it is finally Friday and people are racing to the movies, bars or possibly to get that prime camping spot at the nearest lake.  The weekend promises sports, farmer’s markets, grilling, and relaxing days in the sun working on that glorious tan.  For some of  us it means work but for most it going to be both work and stress free.

For me, I have to admit that I do have to work but more than that, I have to decide on a new book to read because “Black Rainbow” is failing to hold my interest.  I find I have to force myself to pick it up only to get two or three pages read.   So I am putting it aside in favor of something a bit more exciting.  I’m vacillating between three choices at the moment:


Not really sure I will pick any of those – I have so many choices!!!