The Rig

There is a huge hurricane in whatever ocean you want it to be and you have this huge oil rig right in its path.  Of course you evacuate non-essential personnel and leave a bare essential crew.  What you don’t know is that there are monsters on the rig – up from the depths where your rig has been drilling.

The non-essential personnel begin to die off, thanks to the creatures of doom.  It takes several deaths before the rest of the crew figure out what is going on – imagine that.  The creatures look a lot like the one in another show I have – can’t think of the title now.

Though the creatures are stabbed, burned and shot, they don’t die as they can regenerate almost immediately.  It never really tells you what they do with the bodies…maybe dump them into the water.

Anyway, you can guess who dies and who lives – though there is a small surprise with one of the characters.  Eventually the monsters die and only a couple people remain for the search party to pick up.  The owner goes back on the rig and kills the remaining creature.

You know, I was going to write this sarcastic post about how the people do all the stupid things that get people killed in movies like this…but I have to say, for a “B” horror movie, it was actually pretty good.  The people didn’t do all the stupid things – some of them did the smart thing though the end result was the same…they still died.   The ending was rather cheesy but that was alright.

Yes, it was a pleasant surprise that it wasn’t as crappy as I thought it would be.  A couple of the actors did overact a bit but overall, good acting, good action, good monster.