Full Wolf Moon review

32336166Goodreads: Logan travels to an isolated writers’ retreat deep in the Adirondacks to finally work on his book when the remote community is rocked by the grisly discovery of a dead hiker on Desolation Mountain. The body has been severely mauled, but the unusual savagery of the bite and claw marks call into question the initial suspicions of a wild bear attack. When Logan is asked to help investigate, he discovers no shortage of suspects capable of such an attack–and no shortage of locals willing to point the finger and spread incredible rumors. One rumor, too impossible to believe, has even the forest ranger believing in werewolves. As Logan gets to know the remote deep-woods landscape, including a respected woman scientist still struggling with the violent loss of her father in these very woods, Logan realizes he’s up against something he has never seen before.

I started this book this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. at work and finished it a few minutes ago.  It kept moving and kept me guessing as the body count kept piling up.  Child sends you so far into the deep woods that I was wondering if I’d need a compass to get back.  Definitely had me looking up to check my surroundings a couple of times.

The pages flew by and then I reached the end.  Believe me, I was disappointed to see it end.  One of Child’s best, I’d say although “Terminal Freeze” will always be one of my favorites.

This was a great turn for Logan – I hope Child stays more with this line of supernatural in his future books.  After his last one, I debated buying this one for fear I’d be disappointed – but I’m not unhappy with my purchase at all and can see myself re-reading it in the future.

I give the book an A+ – thanks Lincoln Child for great read!




Wolf Gift review



Goodreads description of this book takes up three paragraphs so I’m going to forego the usual summary.  The book is about a young, rich man who gets bit by a werewolf.  He struggles to understand and accept the changes in his life and restricts himself to only killing the bad guys (Dexter as a wolf man).  He wants to know all he can about being a werewolf and gets in touch with others like him.  Of course even though he is ridding society of the bad element, the police are still intent on hunting him down so he must elude them. 

OK, I’m sorry but there is no other way to say I found this book so ungodly boring that I had to force myself to read it.  I kept hoping it would get better but it didn’t.  The writing is bogged down with innate details of a mansion that it takes up pages upon pages – and just when you think it is finally done, the author starts all over again. 

I had no feelings for the characters – didn’t care what happened to them or what they felt.  Seriously, I wanted more drama not endless narrative.  This really was a big disappointment to me.  I know so many people loved it but I could not get into it at all…very bland and dry.

My thought is Rice tried to write a more caring and personable werewolf – someone who helps humanity kind of like Batman with all the sufferings of Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire.  I saw snippets of it here and there in the story but it was never fully developed to where we felt his pain. 

The main character falls in love within minutes of seeing the two women in the book – really? Is love so easily found or realized? If a wolf man came to my door, would I say “Oh, cool, let’s have sex?”  I tend to think not.

Too many coincidences, too many times of rolling my eyes, and way too many times of tossing the book down in disgust for me to give it anything but a D.  You want a good wolf story, read Wolf Hunt.

It’s Monday, what are you reading?

So here we are at Monday again.  I’m sorry for all those, including myself, who have to go back to work today.  Wish I was rich so I never had to work again.

After finishing Wolf Hunt, I figured I might as well keep the werewolf theme going so started

I’m not very far into the story yet but so far it isn’t half bad.  Some reviews loved it, some didn’t care for it – I am not sure how I will feel yet.  I have enjoyed other Anne Rice stories so hope this one lives up to that as well.


Finished it again

It irritates me that whenever I insert a picture the writing area expands to way larger than it is normally.  I like writing in the regular format but don’t know how to make it stop expanding – anyone have a clue? My format setting is “standard”.

OK, on to the topic at hand.  The book won’t get a review as it has already been reviewed before.  I know I shouldn’t be re-reading it yet again when I have so many to read but I can’t help it.  It is one I really enjoyed and have been recommending to those who like great stories with humor and horror so expertly intermingled that you have to laugh at even the most disconcerting situation the two characters get into.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should.

Wolf Hunt review

Wolf Hunt

Barnes and Noble has the following for the book:

Two thugs. One innocent woman. And one VICIOUS frickin’ werewolf.

Meet George and Lou, thugs for hire. The kind of intimidating-yet-friendly guys who will break your thumbs, but be polite about it.

Their latest assignment is to drive across Florida to deliver some precious cargo to a crime lord. The cargo: a man in a cage. Though Ivan seems perfectly human, they’re warned that he is, in fact, a bloodthirsty werewolf.

George and Lou don’t believe in the supernatural, but even if they did, it’s daytime and tonight isn’t the full moon. Their instructions are straightforward: Do not open the cage. Do not reach into the cage. Do not throw anything into the cage. And they don’t.

Unfortunately, Ivan doesn’t play by the usual werewolf rules, and the thugs find themselves suddenly responsible for a ferocious escaped beast. One who can transform at will. One who enjoys killing in human form as much as he enjoys killing as a monster.

If George and Lou want to save their careers, dozens of people, and their own lives, they need to recapture him. Because Ivan the werewolf is in the mood for a murder spree…

From Jeff Strand, the three-time Bram Stoker Award nominated author of PRESSURE, comes this action-packed, blood-soaked tale of werewolf terror!

Strand does an excellent job defining and playing with George and Lou’s characters.  You absolutely love them and find it almost easy to forget that they are actually thugs.  Ivan the Werewolf is a smart ass, over-confident douche-bag that you hope will get his com-uppins in the end.
Michelle was a pretty worthless character – I think she was basically added in to appeal to the women who might read the book.  Most women don’t read books that are devoid of feminine wiles.  She wasn’t all that likeable and I really didn’t care too much about what happened to her.
Ivan loved to play games so makes his pursuit and his fleeing into games where there could be either a good or bad outcome for the thugs.  When Ivan lost any bet, he was sure to point out that not only was he a werewolf but also a big liar.
The banter between Lou and George made me laugh out loud in several areas even while they are bleeding almost to death – though Lou does promise to give George a five minute warning if he plans to bleed to death anytime soon.  It was hilarious how they worried about what the other was thinking even while being mauled to death by werewolves.
“As George hit his head ont he floor, with that werewolf bastard on top of him, Lou saw a sudden flash of his partner’s funeral.  Closed-casket, of course.  Maybe a separate coffin for each piece.”
Written well and virtually devoid of the extra flair one doesn’t need for a good story, Strand does a fabulous job.  I loved this book!!!  It was 640 pages long yet seemed like maybe 200.  I can’t believe it went so fast! Shining is about that and it took me over a week to read it!
“We should have just waited for the reinforcements.”
“Well, freakin’ duh! How’d you figure that out? The slaughtered corpses? Your eight thousand werewolf wounds? The fact that he just drove away in our goddamn van?”
“It is not even our van.”
“I realize that! Believe it or not, I’m not a complete ignoramus and I am aware of the severity of the situation.”
This will not be my last Jeff Strand book – I have another one now called “Dweller”.  It looks like it will be good as well – though I plan to wait to read it for a while.  I easily give Wolf Hunt an A+!
Also, I should mention, this ebook is only $2.99 at Barnes and Noble – you absolutely CAN’T beat the price!!

Teaser Tuesday

Today’s teasers come from:

Pg 32: “I dunno.  Maybe I’m thinking of witches.  But, c’mon, look at the world we live in.”  Lou tapped the GPS that rested on the dashboard.  “This thing has street-by-street directions for anyplace in the world we wanna go. In a world where humans can accomplish this kind of technology, what kind of person still believes in the supernatural?”

George grinned. “Maybe the GPS is supernatural.  Maybe only the devil knows all of those streets.  Or it could be ghost-powered.”

“I’m trying to make a serious point here.  Why would you want to derail that?”

Pg 278: “I know that, but how do we know that the vampire myths didn’t come from   werewolves? I completely believe in werewolves now, but I don’t believe in vampires yet, so isn’t it possible that somebody once killed a werewolf with a wooden stake to the heart and over the centuries the story changed to a vampire?”

It’s Sunday, What’s in Your Mailbox?

I love this picture! Isn’t that kitten so damn adorable?

 (Crocodile Crossing) and  (Angry Birds) made it onto my Nook today.  I am pretty much done with Angry Birds Seasons so had to go for the next one.

I really wanted a book but it isn’t offered through Barnes and Noble yet – it is still only available in the UK.  Bummer.

The book I’m considering for purchase is:

I downloaded a sample of this and read it so was considering purchasing it now to finish it.  Can’t decide yet as there were other things I also wanted.  🙂

The two books I ended up buying are:


Happy Sunday, everyone!